Friday, December 28, 2007

Interclue: A whole way to navigate

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by The Interclue Team

is an extensive and polished add-on that brings you link previews, link
context information and useful next actions inside a handy tooltip
window that turns up fast when you want it, but never gets in your way.

Interclue provides you with:

* 50+ different Linkclue icons to tell you about the links on your page.

* Several different types of "Clueview", including the best generic
page previewer available, a smart inline image viewer, and inline
players for YouTube and MP3s. Interclue previews usually display main
body text and (optionally) thumbnails of significant images, rather
than just tiny text snippets or page thumbnails (like iReader, or
Snap), or showing the entire page (like Cooliris).

* Optional Metadata - eg the tagcloud and Digg Count for any given link.

* Various optional buttons for email, bookmarking, copy-to-clipboard, etc.

Interclue is fast, smooth, and easy to use. There's a 3 minute tutorial
included and that's about all you need to figure everything out.

Works with:

  • Firefox Firefox:
    1.5 – 3.0b2

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Goa Trip Photos

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BEST EVER: File Uploader Extension

What is Fire Uploader?

(Install Now)

As the name says, this firefox extension is an universal upload tool. It allows you to upload/download files from any website using a friendly interface. In this version, Box.netfree space), Flickr (photo viewing/sharing), Picasa (photo viewing/sharing), Youtube(Vidoes)
are supported. You can upload videos to Youtube,
upload/download/organize photos to Picasa, Flickr and Next
versions would support other websites like Google Videos, Webshots etc.
(1GB of

Why do you need this extension?

There are so many instances where you had to
upload files from your local computer to a website. The standard upload
mechanism in any website has many limitations like

  • They allow you to upload 1 file or a maximum of 10 files at a time.
  • They doesn't show any information like upload progress i.e how much was already uploaded and how much is still remaining.

This extension addresses these limitations by providing a intuitive way
to upload the files. The benefits of using this extension are

  • It shows the local folders and remote folders which enables you to upload files by single click.
  • You can upload any number of files at a time.
  • You can upload files to multiple websites using a single interface (using only one extension).
  • Ability to add multiple accounts and upload files to each account independently.

  • Site specific features are also included and will be improved in the
    coming versions. eg. giving public/private access to files.

Dropbox demo

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25 useful Greasemonkey scripts

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Check Range user script

Check Range user script

It lets you check or uncheck a range of checkboxes by clicking the
first checkbox and then Shift+clicking the last checkbox. Simple, very simple

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Bill Me Later!!! Alternate to online credit card payments

About Us

Bill Me Later® is
the new way to pay that's simple, fast and secure.

Easy and Convenient

Bill Me Later is a convenient and secure new payment method
designed for purchasing on the web or over the phone. As a credit
account, Bill Me Later provides you with the flexibility to purchase
without using your credit card. To request a Bill Me Later account,
you do not have to complete a lengthy application prior to making a
purchase. Simply select Bill Me Later at checkout to complete your

Security You Can Count On

With no card number for making purchases and no physical card, Bill Me
Later gives you an extra level of security. Plus, Bill Me Later offers "zero
fraud liability" protection, which means you are not responsible
for unauthorized charges.

Customer Support - Online or by Phone

All the tools you need to manage your account are available online. You can view or
pay your Billing Statement online or update your account profile anytime. Plus, our
frequently asked questions make using Bill Me Later as easy as possible. Or you can
email us or call us.

Backed by Providers You Can Trust

Bill Me Later is offered through CIT Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah and
managed by Bill Me Later, Inc.
Bill Me Later, Inc.
is a company with expertise in developing and managing payment solutions.

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Webpages: Clean them up yourself (Nuke Anything Extension)

Allow hiding of almost anything via context menu 'Remove Object'.

hiding of almost anything via context menu 'Remove Object' or 'Remove
Selection' with possibility of multiple undo of 'Remove Object'. You
can also make a selection and chose "Remove everything else" to clear
the page and only leave the selected text.

Once you decide what you want to Remove, Right click on it or select it, then select "Remove this Object" from the menu.

The effect of this extension is temporary, which is useful before
printing a page, you can use another extension, 'Remove It Permanently'
if you want your removed objects to be remembered.

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