Thursday, March 27, 2008

100 Web Apps for Everything You Will Possibly Need

The Freelancer’s Toolset: 100 Web Apps for Everything You Will Possibly Need : Codswallop

My personal picks:
  1. igoogle
  2. Netvibes: Spend
    less time searching and more time working by customizing your
    browser’s start page with email, feeds, messaging, job boards and
    much, much more.
  3. Google Calendar:
    Google Calendar is a web based tool that allows users to organize their
    schedule, so you’ll always know exactly what you need to be
    working on.
  4. Ta-da List:
    When you’re busy with lots of projects, it can be hard to keep
    track of what you’ve accomplished. Make web-based ta-da lists for
    yourself or other people, then share them and check items off as you go.
  5. XE: If
    you’re working with an overseas client, you may need to handle
    foreign currencies. Use XE’s currency converter for accurate
    calculations with up-to-the-minute currency rates.
  6. Xdrive: Xdrive offers 5GB of online storage. Use their service to share files with your clients and coworkers
  7. Picasaweb: Because Photos are taken to share :)
  8. Box: Create an online file-sharing location for you and your clients on Box
  9. LinkedIn: The convenient and powerful professional contacts management... for lifelong
  10. ConceptShare:
    ConceptShare provides online design collaboration. Invite clients and
    coworkers to view your design and make comments on your work.
  11. Writeboard: Have
    you ever had a client or coworker revise a document and end up wiping
    out your work? Use Writeboard to share and collaborate while saving
    separate versions each step of the way.
  12. stock.xchng: Add
    photos to your writing or web design at low or no cost. stock.xchng
    provides tons of stock photos, many of them royalty-free.
  13. Google Docs & Spreadsheets:
    Don’t bother spending hard-earned money for the latest version of
    MS Word. Create, upload, share and edit word and spreadsheet documents
    online using Google Docs & Spreadsheets.
  14. Meebo:
    Don’t miss out on a client just because you don’t use the
    same instant messaging tool. Get access to every major messaging
    service on Meebo’s website without having to download anything.
  15. FaxZERO: Online
    communication is popular, but sometimes you just have to send a fax.
    But who wants to invest in a fax machine and phone line for something
    that happens only on a rare occasion? Instead, use FaxZERO to send a
    fax anywhere in the US or Canada for free.
  16. K7: FaxZERO lets you send
    out a fax for free online, but what if a client wants to fax something
    to you? Enlist the help of K7, a service that assigns users a phone
    number that accepts fax and voicemail messages, which are then sent to
    your email.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Badges for Yahoo Pipes

New ‘Badges’ Make it Easy to Display Yahoo Pipes on Your Site


has unveiled a new way of using the company's Pipes mashup creator.
Badges, as the new tool is known, allow less technically inclined users
to easily embed the results of a Yahoo Pipe into their own website.

There are five types of badges, single-click integration is available
for Blogger, Typepad, WordPress and iGoogle pages and then
there’s also a generic embed code you can cut-and-paste into any

Customization options for the badges are limited to visual aspects like
rounded corners or various color schemes, but for the non-technical
user these are probably fine. Since creating Pipes is a somewhat
complex process, the new badges seem aimed more at people who want to
consume existing Pipes rather than Pipe creators (who are probably
capable of using the raw XML output).

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

XYPLORER!! Nice alternative to Windows Explorer


Worth a try
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How to Tell if You Are Secretly Connected to the Internet

Copied from TechSupport Article

(This item is an update to an article
that first appeared in the October 2005 issue of this

One of the most unnerving computer
experiences is to notice sudden unexpected internet
activity from your PC when you're not using the
internet at the time.

It can be brought to your attention
several ways. For example, the lights on your modem or
router might start blinking furiously, or your firewall
may indicate internet activity, or your download/upload
monitor could show that a lot of information is being
received or transmitted.

When this happens to me, the first
thought that goes through my mind is that a malware
program may be "phoning home" to some remote PC,
divulging all my personal information.

Now I know this is unlikely because
my PC is well protected, but I know enough about
security to know that it's possible. So whenever this
happens I immediately investigate what's happening, and
you should do the same. In the following paragraphs
I'll show you how.

When you are connected to the
internet you are not connected at one point but at
multiple points. These different points are called
ports. Data can flow into and out of each of these
ports. It's a bit like the way flies get into your
house. They can get in (or out) through the front door,
the back door, the windows or the chimney. These
openings in your house are just like the ports in your

There can be up to 65000 ports on
your computer, but normally these are shut. When you
start a program such as your web browser that connects
to the internet, that program opens one or more ports
to make the connection.

when your computer shows signs of unexpected internet
activity, you need to determine what ports are open and
then identify the programs that opened those

There's a whole class of utilities
called "port enumerators" that will do this job for
you. In fact, there are more than a dozen such programs
currently available. Additionally, many firewalls and
anti-trojan programs have in-built port enumerators,
though these are often quite basic.

I've looked at most of these products
and found one freeware product that is outstanding.
It's a tiny 50KB program that doesn't require
installation, called CurrPorts [1] from Nir Sofer over
at Nirsoft. It works best with Windows NT and later,
though Windows 98 users can still use the product with
less information displayed.

CurrPorts, like all port enumerators,
shows all the ports that are currently open on your PC.
It also shows you the process that opened each port and
the time the port was opened. Most importantly, it
flags, in pink, any suspicious ports.

"suspicious" here just means worth checking. However,
this flagging makes the job of interpreting results
much easier for less experienced users.

And if you install CurrPorts sister
program from Nirsoft called IPNetInfo [2], you can
right click on a suspicious connection and track down
the location and owner of the remote site. If it's
somewhere like North Korea, China or Romania, you
almost certainly have a problem.

If you do have a problem CurrPorts
allows you to immediately shut down that port. That
reduces the potential damage but of course doesn't
solve the problem. To do that you need to find the
malware program responsible.

you do that is, unfortunately, beyond the scope of this
article. As a quick guide I suggest you download
HijackThis from this link and follow
the instructions on the same page how to paste the
output to the Tom Coyote web forums. The folks on the
forum should be able to help you permanently get rid of
the problem and it won't cost you a cent

So folks, download CurrPorts now so
that the next time you have unexplained internet
activity you'll know exactly what to do about

[1] CurrPorts:

Freeware, Windows NT->Vista plus Win 98 with some
limitations, No installation required, 50KB.

[2] IPNetInfo:

Freeware, Windows 98->Vista, No installation
required, 48KB.

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Google Sky & Podcasts

there's no need to download and install Google Earth
Software in order to use Google Sky because you can now
run it directly from your browser. There are many
things of great beauty, wonder and mystery to see here.
Check out the Hubble Showcase; only a sad and miserable
soul could not be moved by these glorious photos.

I highly recommend Earth and Sky podcasts!! nice 90 sec commentry
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On Internet, nothing is permanant!

I liked the article so much and i agreed to it so much that i decided to copy it on my own blog... read out why!!

Commentary by Bruce Schneier Email RSS

When the Internet Is My Hard Drive, Should I Trust Third Parties?

Bruce Schneier Email 02.21.08 | 12:00 AM

Wine Therapy is a web bulletin board for serious wine geeks. It's been active since 2000, and its database of back posts and comments is a wealth of information: tasting notes, restaurant recommendations, stories and so on. Late last year someone hacked the board software, got administrative privileges and deleted the database. There was no backup.

Of course the board's owner should have been making backups all along, but he has been very sick for the past year and wasn't able to. And the Internet Archive has been only somewhat helpful.

More and more, information we rely on -- either created by us or by others -- is out of our control. It's out there on the internet, on someone else's website and being cared for by someone else. We use those websites, sometimes daily, and don't even think about their reliability.

Bits and pieces of the web disappear all the time. It's called "link rot," and we're all used to it. A friend saved 65 links in 1999 when he planned a trip to Tuscany; only half of them still work today. In my own blog, essays and news articles and websites that I link to regularly disappear -- sometimes within a few days of my linking to them.

It may be because of a site's policies -- some newspapers only have a couple of weeks on their website -- or it may be more random: Position papers disappear off a politician's website after he changes his mind on an issue, corporate literature disappears from the company's website after an embarrassment, etc. The ultimate link rot is "site death," where entire websites disappear: Olympic and World Cup events after the games are over, political candidates' websites after the elections are over, corporate websites after the funding runs out and so on.

Mostly, we ignore the problem. Sometimes I save a copy of a good recipe I find, or an article relevant to my research, but mostly I trust that whatever I want will be there next time. Were I planning a trip to Tuscany, I would rather search for relevant articles today than rely on a nine-year-old list anyway. Most of the time, link rot and site death aren't really a problem.

This is changing in a Web 2.0 world, with websites that are less about information and more about community. We help build these sites, with our posts or our comments. We visit them regularly and get to know others who also visit regularly. They become part of our socialization on the internet and the loss of them affects us differently, as Greatest Journal users discovered in January when their site died.

Few, if any, of the people who made Wine Therapy their home kept backup copies of their own posts and comments. I'm sure they didn't even think of it. I don't think of it, when I post to the various boards and blogs and forums I frequent. Of course I know better, but I think of these forums as extensions of my own computer -- until they disappear.

As we rely on others to maintain our writings and our relationships, we lose control over their availability. Of course, we also lose control over their security, as MySpace users learned last month when a 17-GB file of half a million supposedly private photos was uploaded to a BitTorrent site.

In the early days of the web, I remember feeling giddy over the wealth of information out there and how easy it was to get to. "The internet is my hard drive," I told newbies. It's even more true today; I don't think I could write without so much information so easily accessible. But it's a pretty damned unreliable hard drive.

The internet is my hard drive, but only if my needs are immediate and my requirements can be satisfied inexactly. It was easy for me to search for information about the MySpace photo hack. And it will be easy to look up, and respond to, comments to this essay, both on and on my own blog. is a commercial venture, so there is advertising value in keeping everything accessible. My site is not at all commercial, but there is personal value in keeping everything accessible. By that analysis, all sites should be up on the internet forever, although that's certainly not true. What is true is that there's no way to predict what will disappear when.

Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about it. The security measures largely aren't in our hands. We can save copies of important web pages locally, and copies of anything important we post. The Internet Archive is remarkably valuable in saving bits and pieces of the internet. And recently, we've started seeing tools for archiving information and pages from social networking sites. But what's really important is the whole community, and we don't know which bits we want until they're no longer there.

And about Wine Therapy, I think it started in 2000. It might have been 2001. I can't check, because someone erased the archives.

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Free Video Editing Software: VideoSpin

VideoSpin by Pinnacle

Free Video Editing Software: VideoSpin

VideoSpin is free video editing software that allows you to create
your own movie clips in minutes using your own videos and pictures.

With this fully functional free video editing software you can:

  • Quickly and easily start video editing
  • Mix your videos, photos and music together
  • Add video titles and transitions
  • Upload your videos to YouTube and Yahoo! videos
  • Edit and add your videos to your website
  • And it's FREE!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing

50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing

(Copied from for my own ready reference)

Which are the top firefox extensions? Here is an attempt to collect the 50 popular and best firefox extensions
which make your browsing, downloading and navigation in Firefox as easy
as possible, while harnessing the full power and features of Firefox.

These extensions should work on the latest versions of the Firefox (use the Nightly Tester Tools extension to make them work). Use extensions which work best for *your* needs. The fastest way to install these extensions from developer sites is to drag them to the url bar. Look at these top extensions to manage firefox extensions if you decide to install lots of them.

Control Firefox Tabs

  • All-in-One Gestures
    - merges the popular following extensions for management of mouse
    gestures, scrolling and power navigation. (Mix of Mouse Gestures,
    Rocker navigation, Tab scroller, History scroller, Link tooltip and
    Autoscrolling extensions)
  • Tabbrowser Preferences
    - a comprehensive UI for changing a number of the hidden tabbed
    browsing preferences in Firefox. It also provides the ability to
    control how internal and external links are opened in the browser and
    how the browser will react when links are sent to it.
  • Tab Mix Plus - More tweaks
    added to tabs. Ability to select and open muliple links in tabs, open
    link in a duplicated tab, merge tabs and close tabs from similar
  • Duplicate Tab - allows you to clone a tab with its history and place the duplicate tab in a new window or in the current window.
  • Colorful Tabs
    - Colors every tab in a different color and makes them easy to
    distinguish while beautifying the overall appeal of the interface.
  • Viamatic foXpose - Click on the icon in the status bar to view all the browser windows with a single click.
  • Firefox Showcase - easily locate and select any open browser window in Firefox.
  • Separe - Helps you keeping tabs tidy by introducing a new kind of tab.
  • Permatabs - turn tabs of your choice into permanent tabs that can’t be closed, and stick around between sessions.
  • FaviconizeTab - resizes the width of the tab to display the favicon only (and back again).

Control Website Links

  • Linky - Lets you
    open or download all or selected links, image links and even web
    addresses found in the text in separate or different tabs or windows.
  • Linkification - Allows Firefox (0.9+) to view plain-text URLs and e-mail addresses as actual links
  • IE Tab - can open the
    current page or a selected link embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of
    Mozilla/Firefox. Very useful for those IE only pages.
  • FirefoxView
    - Open Firefox with the current page or a selected link displayed in
    Internet Explorer. Adds “View in Firefox” menu items to the
    content and link context menus.
  • Paste and Go - lets you
    paste an URL from the clipboard into the address bar and load it as a
    single step, either via the adress bar’s context menu or by
    pressing Ctrl-Shift-V
  • ErrorZilla
    - changes the default 404 error page with following choices: a google
    cache, an archival snapshot from the wayback machine, a ping, a trace
    route, and a whois lookup.

Control File Downloads

  • FlashGot - handles single and massive downloads with several external Download Managers.
  • PDF Download - Every time
    you click on a link, checks if the target is a pdf file and in this
    case let you choose what you want to do (open pdf file inside a new
    tab, download it to the filesystem or view it as HTML).
  • ScrapBook - helps you to save Web pages and easily manage collections.
  • DownThemAll! - adds
    new advanced downloading capabilities to your browser. It lets you
    download in just one click all the links or images contained in a
    webpage or refine your preferences using fully customizable filters.
  • TargetAlert -
    provides visual cues for the destinations of hyperlinks. If a hyperlink
    points to a something that is not a web page (in cases of pdf, doc, zip
    files etc.), then TargetAlert will try to append an icon to the
    hyperlink that represents its destination
  • Download Manager Tweak
    - modifies the default appearance of the firefox download manager and
    allows it to be opened in a separate window, the sidebar, or a tab.
  • Download Statusbar - is a browser extension that allows you to keep track of ongoing and completed downloads in a hide-away statusbar
  • Disable Targets For Downloads - Prevents sites spawning blank windows when clicking binary downloads.
  • FireFTP - is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers.

Control Webpage Behaviour and Navigation

  • GreaseMonkey - Install user scripts and change the behavior of any web page
  • Image Zoom -
    Right click on an image and select a zoom option from the popup menu,
    or, hold down the right mouse button in combination with the mouse
    wheel to zoom in or out on an image.
  • Fasterfox - Speed up
    Firefox. Dynamic speed increases can be obtained with Fasterfox’s
    unique prefetching mechanism, which recycles idle bandwidth by silently
    loading and caching all of the links on the page you are browsing. Also
    tweaks many network and rendering settings. (Some readers said it
    actually slowed down their firefox - verify yourself)
  • SpellBound -
    enables spell checking in web forms such as html textarea / input
    elements (html input password elements are not checked by SpellBound)
    and rich text form elements. This allows you to spell check forms
    before submitting them.
  • BugMeNot
    - Bypasses compulsory web registration using the BugMeNot without the
    hassle of surfing to it and querying its database everytime.
  • AutoCopy - Select text on any web page and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard. Middle click to Paste.
  • Copy Plain Text
    - Copies text without formatting. Have you ever copied something and
    been annoyed that the text formatting (bold, font size, etc) came with
    it? Don’t you wish you could just copy the text itself, without
    having to copy it, paste it into notepad, then copy it again?
  • Google Images Re-Linker
    - This will let you click the thumbnail images on,
    skip the referred framed page, and jump straight to the full-size image.
  • Extended Statusbar
    - adds an Opera-like statusbar for Firefox that shows number of loaded
    images, bytes downloaded, average download speed, load time and
    percentage of the page loaded.
  • Resizeable Textarea - Resize small textareas in forums to your needed size avoiding scrolling.
  • Adblock Plus - is an enhanced version of Adblock. Block ads, applets, flash, embedded-media etc.
  • Flashblock - blocks all Flash content from loading on a webpage.
  • Sage - add a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator which integrates with Firefox’s bookmark storage and Live Bookmarks.
  • Cacheout!-
    lets you try to access articles on servers affected by the Digg Effect
    /Slashdot Effect through Google’s caching service and
  • Pearl Crescent Page Saver - capture screenshots and save full webpages as images easily.
  • Reload Every - adds an
    option to the context menu to reload the web page you are viewing every
    so many seconds or minutes. Useful if you keep refreshing some pages
  • Copy URL+ - copy to
    the clipboard the current document’s address along with
    additional information such as the document’s title, the current
    selection or both. Customize it to add your own menu entries.
  • InFormEnter - adds a
    small, clickable icon next to every input field in a web form, from
    where you can select the item to be inserted with your frequently used
    information such as name, email, address and whatever else you want to
    be available from the form menu.
  • All-in-One Sidebar
    - is a sidebar control, inspired by Opera that lets you quickly switch
    between sidebars, view dialog windows such as downloads, extensions,
    and more in the sidebar, or view source code or websites in the
    sidebar. Can be extensively customized.
  • Text size toolbar - Adds buttons to increase or decrease text size or restore default size easily. Useful for those small unreadable font sizes.
  • Reveal - allows you to see thumbnails of pages in your session history and quickly find the page you want.
  • Mystickies - allows you to place sticky notes all over the web and organize them with tags.
  • Clear Cache Button - Adds a clear cache toolbar button that cleans the cache in one click. Very handy for those who have use for it.
  • gTranslate - translate any text in a webpage just by selecting and right-clicking over it. Uses the Google translation services.
  • Xinha Here! - is a wrapper for the Xinha HTML editor that enables WYSIWYG editing in any textarea and text box on any website.
  • Yoono - instantly suggests alternate sites and people who share the same interests while you are surfing.
  • BlueOrganizer - It helps
    you personalize your web experience based on what you already like,
    helping you discover relevant new information and save time.

Control Privacy / Security

  • SwitchProxy
    - lets you manage and switch between multiple proxy configurations
    quickly and easily. You can also use it as an anonymizer to protect
    your computer from prying eyes.
  • NoScript - allows JavaScript,
    Java (and other plugins) only for trusted domains of your choice. This
    whitelist based pre-emptive blocking approach prevents exploitation of
    security vulnerabilities with no loss of functionality
  • Always Remember Password
    - Instructs web sites to always remember your password. Some sites like
    Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and banking sites instruct the browser to never
    allow your password manager to retain your information.
  • CookieCuller - Extended Cookie Manager to protect/unprotect selected cookies.
  • Stealther
    - surf the web without leaving a trace in your local computer by
    *temporarily disabling history (and address bar), cookies, formFill,
    disk cache and sending of ReferrerHeader. Verify details of what
    exactly it can work for you.

Control Web Searches

  • Google Toolbar for Firefox
    - Lets you search google and all its services easily. Also powered by
    Google Suggest (Get query suggestions as you type in the search box),
    SpellCheck, AutoFill, Pagerank of webpage, access to gmail,
    WordTranslator etc.
  • CustomizeGoogle -
    enhances Google search results by adding extra information (like links
    to Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN etc) and removing unwanted information (like
    ads and spam).
  • NextPlease! - allows
    you to assign keyboard shortcuts to jump to next and previous links on
    search results pages, like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon, and many other
  • BetterSearch
    - enhances Google, MSN Search, Yahoo Search, A9,,
    AllTheWeb,, and bookmarks by adding
    previews (thumbnails) and Amazon product images and info etc.
  • Answers -
    Press Alt (or Option on a Mac) and click any word to get a quick,
    relevant definition or explanation, drawn from a collection of over 100
    reference titles.

Control Your Music / Video

  • FoxyTunes - Listen to music while surfing the Web, and control your favorite media player without ever leaving the browser.
  • MediaPlayerConnectivity - Allow you to launch embed video of website in an external application with a simple click

Control Your Email

  • Better Gmail
    - A range of Gmail enhancements (with best Greasemonkey scripts),
    including skins, saved searches, keyboard macros, secure access,
    attachment icons, attachment reminders, label colors, signature
    floating and more.
  • Gmail Manager
    - Allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts and receive new mail
    notifications. Displays your account details including unread messages,
    saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used, and new
    mail snippets.
  • Gmail Notifier - checks and notifies your email in Gmail accounts.
  • AJAX Yahoo! Mail - Preview your messages with a single click. Adds AJAX support to the Yahoo! mail.

Control Your Bookmarks

  • Bookmark with
    - Integrate right into Firefox. Easily access your
    bookmarks and post new bookmarks. Post a bookmark without leaving the
    page you are on.
  • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer - Install Foxmarks on each computer, and it will work silently in the background to keep your bookmarks synchronized
  • StumbleUpon - is an intelligent browsing tool for sharing and discovering great websites.
  • Reliby - provides you with Reload all Live Bookmarks functionality.
  • Clipmarks - lets you save and share Web page content without having to bookmark the entire page.
  • Shareaholic - Share, bookmark and e-mail web pages quickly without leaving your browser.

Control Other Popular Services

  • Adsense Notifier - Displays your Adsense earnings on the statusbar.
  • Forecastfox Enhanced
    - Get international weather forecasts and display it in any toolbar or
    statusbar. Now with improved radar images and allows for pausing,
    restarting and setting the frequency of automatic updates.
  • DictionarySearch - Looks up a user selected word in an online dictionary you selected.
  • Web Developer - Adds a menu and a toolbar with various essential web developer tools.
  • Scribefire - A full
    featured blog editor that sits right within Firefox and lets you easily
    post to your Wordpress, MovableType or Blogger blogs.
  • Map+ - enables you to quickly view a map of a selected address in Firefox without changing windows or tabs.
  • ChatZilla - is a clean and easy to use Internet relay chat (IRC) client.
  • TwitterFox - notifies you of your friends’ tweets of Twitter.

This list is by no means complete and you may not agree with my choice, but this is merely an attempt to find the top and best firefox extensions.
This post is regularly updated. If there is some favorite firefox
extension you use which deserves a mention here, post it in
comments… [This post is constantly updated.]

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Online Storage 2.0

Online Storage 2.0 Start Slideshow
box’s Main Interface
box’s Main Interface
box’s Widget Feature
box’s Widget Feature
DropBoks's File Manager
DropBoks's File Manager
User Home Page on eSnips
User Home Page on eSnips
The eSnips Toolbar
The eSnips Toolbar
eSnips's Quick Access Dialog
eSnips's Quick Access Dialog
Profile Options on eSnips
Profile Options on eSnips
eSnip’s Invitations
eSnip’s Invitations
MediaMax’s In-Page Upload
MediaMax’s In-Page Upload
MediaMax’s File Manager View
MediaMax’s File Manager View
A Video in MediaMax
A Video in MediaMax
MediaMax’s Upload App
MediaMax’s Upload App
MediaMax's Welcome Page
MediaMax's Welcome Page
OmniDrive's Shell Extension
OmniDrive's Shell Extension
OmniDrive’s MP3 Player
OmniDrive’s MP3 Player
OmniDrive’s Optimized Uploader
OmniDrive’s Optimized Uploader
OmniDrive’s Main Window
OmniDrive’s Main Window
openomy’s Home Page
openomy’s Home Page
Uploading in openomy
Uploading in openomy

Online Storage 2.0
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Speed Test...

Very good site to test the internet speed... this is mine... with the
new reliance data card... not bad for a wireless data card ;)

Powered by ScribeFire.

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Yahpoo Pipes!! Is it really all that cool?

I recently looked at Yahoo Pipes (quite accidentally) and really loved it. With my limited technical understanding, did some experiments... here they are.

Things i really liked about Yahoo Pipes are:
  • UI: It has amezingly simple UI for the application it is
  • Run-time results: its so easy to know what exactly you (or others) are doing with each step in the pipe... very intutive
  • Powerful: It is very powerful with addition of new features every now-and-then.
Things i am struggling with are:
  • RedEx: Thanks to my non-techie background... i really could not crack the regex... i would love if someone creates a tool (or a firefox extension/ greasemonkey script) to make regex more usable
  • Potential Uses: If we look at the popular pipes, the use of this experiment is very limited.. only for news mashup and some you-tube / flicker photos... i think its high time someone thinks something more creative, otherwise it will die it's natural death :(
Overall, i liked the experiment, but its still not giving "that" eureka effect... hope i will learn more about it and change my perception towards the tool.

Some useful links / pipes:
  • Backlinks to URL This Pipe takes as input, the URL for some website. As output, it makes a list of all sites linking back to the input URL. Note that this same functionality is available through Yahoo's API, but the results are formatted in custom XML, rather than RSS.

  • Add Feed Label to Each Item Title If you are aggregating multiple feeds, sometimes its nice to be able to tell which source an item is coming from. I like to add a tag or description of the blog or feed name to each item's title. This pipe is useful when inserted into another pipe and you can hard code the feed

  • Webpage-to-RSS Webpage-to-RSS Pipe generates RSS from any webpage which doesn't have native syndication. It utilizes a data mining service called Feedity ( ) to dynamically build the RSS, and then only return unique items.

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