Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Proxy Switch using Toolbar Buttons extension on Firefox 3

I have a proxy setting at office and connect to internet directly from my house. That requires me to every go into a deep-hidden option to switch from "Direct Connection" to "Manual Proxy" every day twice... once at office once at home....

I never liked that. Now that I recently started using Firefox 3, I thought of moving to something more automatic.... so searched for all the available extensions... foxy-proxy, Proxy-switch etc. While the former is available, its too complicated for the simple use, and Proxy-switch is not available on Firefox 3 yet...

So i turned to another interesting option instead... its Toolbar Buttons

A button pack for Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird

It has some really interesting other options, but what i liked the most was the toggel for Proxy on-off... really cool one and on my tool bar with just one click function... i am loving it.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Google Map predicts Traffic Condition.

Google Maps can now predict traffic information
for any day of the week and time of the day, based on past conditions.
By default, if you click on the Traffic button in a supported area from
the US, Google Maps shows real-time traffic information. "Comprehensive
traffic data is available in over 30 major US metropolitan areas
(including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and others), with partial
coverage available in many more," according to Google Maps help center. There's also a traffic layer in Google Earth and Google Maps Mobile, but these applications don't include yet traffic prediction.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 Convert webpages into RSS feeds.

Feedity - RSS Generator for Web Pages without Syndication, Convert any web page to an RSS document

Create RSS for ANY web page!
Track web site changes in real-time.


  • Feedity provides a data syndication facility to web-based services and SMB's globally.
  • Feedity allows Web data integration with backend systems, databases, and mashups.
  • Feedity lets you can create a custom RSS web feed for any ANY webpage!
  • With Feedity you can easily track and monitor changes to your favorite web sites.

About Feedity

Feedity is an RSS
generator for web pages without a web syndication format. Feedity will
take virtually any web page, and convert it into a fully formed RSS
document. The generated RSS is updated in near-real time.

Create RSS from ANY webpage!

Feedity aims to make it easy and possible for anyone to extract and
reuse content from any website. By doing so, we hope to allow others to
realize their creativity, and implement new exciting services &

With Feedity you can instantly track and monitor web site changes (on a
page level). Just create an RSS feed for the web page, and subscribe it
in any RSS newsreader (on the web, in a desktop software, or via e-mail).

Feedity also provides for a quick and simple way to build a data mashup
"pipeline" using Yahoo Pipes. Have a look at the Webpage-to-RSS pipe.

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p a p e r f o l d i n g . c o m
learn to fold! origami history
origami & math links
insects my work
dinosaurs books
Eric's  origami page

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Salesforce for Google Apps: New way to do business

Salesforce for Google Apps

We had tried something similar at Oracle for a Open World demo.
We had integrated the "Credit Management" business flow.. this is the way business should be done!!
Collaborate -> integrate -> Make it User Friendly.

Good job by SFDC and Google.

Don't miss the demo.

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Press Display.. Read Newspapers like they are supposed to be read!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Map Jack... better way to view the street

MapJack is an effort similar to Google's Street View
to capture street-level imagery. The site only has imagery from San
Francisco, Sausalito (US) and Chiang Mai (Thailand), but San
Francisco's images are the most impressive. They look so good that you
almost think you're there.

When i say its clear, this is what i really mean :)

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PDF Escape! PDF Form Creation and lot more

PDFescape, open PDF files in a whole new way

What is PDFescape?

PDFescape is a new way to open PDF
files. It allows you to open your PDF files right here on the web
without downloading or installing any software.

PDFescape, you can fill in PDF forms, add text and graphics, add links,
and even add new form fields to a PDF file. Best of all, it's Free!

Have just one PDF form to fill out, but don't want to buy $299 Adobe® Acrobat®? PDFescape is for you! (start now)

Have a PDF form you want customers to fill out and email back to you? PDFescape is for you!
Your Online PDF Reader, Editor, Form Filler, Form Creator
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