Friday, May 30, 2008

Geoff Lawrence: Simple and effective Photography Tutorials

Free Digital Photography Tutorial Site Banner

I really loved this site.. (came as the first site on searching Photography Tutorials on Google.. that's the reason i trust google so much!!)

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My Latest Phototgraphy Attempts

The Glass Peacock!!

Boys' Toys

Art is it the to be photographed

Jewelery Hot Pics

Heart Bubbles (Jelly Balls)??

Heart Trouble!!

Lets Pen it Down

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Find font in the image (logo)


Another cracker of a web-tool. Upload the logo and know what is the font... as simple as that

This is certainly another cool service after i the TinEye which can recognize image content and search for it.

The UI for this is also pretty good... it automatically splits image into multiple alphabets and you have chance to combine things like i or j where on char is split into multiple... Alas it does not allow splitting the image when if fails to split the characters properly.

I also found another "paid" tool that does all this far too quickly and easily... plus 1000+ other options.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

TinEye: My Cool Searches (The French Kiss)

Original (Search Image) (link)

I got 332 results

searched over 487 million images in 0.118 seconds

Some great variations!!
hidden under the book cover
a photo strip
another book cover partial colored
some border added
yet another book cover a small pic
a sepia version
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TinEye: My Cool Searches (Einstein)

Original Photo was a black-and-white..

And i found a color version of the same

And a few other notable ones..
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