Monday, May 26, 2008

TinEye: My Cool Searches (stretching the search engin with different variations)

This time i did something different...

I downloaded a bond image then heavily cropped it.. to become this then searched it on TinEye by uploading it from my desk and got the original image back :) along with multiple versions... interesting ones are and

Then on my machine i converted the image to graystile and searched again... with bang... SAME results. AWESOME... (link)

Then i decided to stretch the engine.... I converted the image to a nigative... it gave me NO RESULTS (everything has limit guys :D)

I decided to stretch if further. I tried three more variations (without any result)
1. Flip Horizontally
2. Flip Vertically
3. Color Negative

Hope this helps someone!!! anyways I had lot of fun doing this.

With my Never-say-never attitude (lol) i again cropped the original image to keep just the glass... alas.. even that did not give me the desired result...

Now i just kept bod's face and manually removed everything else (including the glass)... and to my delight... i got back the image i was looking for.... (link) (yuppiiiiiiiiiiii)

Now i would let the 007 settle down with TinEye in peace and leave both of them alone :D

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