Monday, May 26, 2008

Filter and Sort Tables from Web Pages

Filter and Sort Tables from Web Pages

is a Firefox extension that lets you sort, filter and export tables
from any web page. After installing the extension and restarting
Firefox, find a web page that includes tables and right-click on a table to find a lot of interesting features:

* sort a column, depending on the type of elements (text, numbers, dates)
filter the rows of a table by selecting elements from a drop-down or by
entering your search terms, like in the screenshot below. You can even
enter regular expression to filter more complex patterns. After typing
the query, press Enter or click outside the active input box.
* export the entire table as tab-delimited text, HTML code or just the filtered rows

might be helpful if you want to insert some partial data from a table
in a document, a site or in Google Spreadsheets, which only supports
filtering using a limited gadget. For Google Spreadsheets, choose the
option to copy the rows as tab-delimited text.

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