Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Badges for Yahoo Pipes

New ‘Badges’ Make it Easy to Display Yahoo Pipes on Your Site


has unveiled a new way of using the company's Pipes mashup creator.
Badges, as the new tool is known, allow less technically inclined users
to easily embed the results of a Yahoo Pipe into their own website.

There are five types of badges, single-click integration is available
for Blogger, Typepad, WordPress and iGoogle pages and then
there’s also a generic embed code you can cut-and-paste into any

Customization options for the badges are limited to visual aspects like
rounded corners or various color schemes, but for the non-technical
user these are probably fine. Since creating Pipes is a somewhat
complex process, the new badges seem aimed more at people who want to
consume existing Pipes rather than Pipe creators (who are probably
capable of using the raw XML output).

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