Monday, June 30, 2008

Google Export Data

Very good article that lists all ways you can export your google data!!

Google mentioned in many occasions that it doesn't want to trap users' data
and some of its services have started to provide import/export options.
Here are some of the ways to export your data from Google's services:

* iGoogle lets you download the list of gadgets, feeds, themes and their corresponding options if you go to the settings page
and scroll down to the "Export / Import" section. The resulting XML
file can be imported to another Google account and those who are
familiar with XSLT could covert iGoogle's data file to OPML, so you can
subscribe to the feeds in Google Reader or any other feed reader.

* Google Calendar has options to export your calendars one by one as iCal files, but it's much easier to export all the calendar you created by going to:

Google Docs lets you export your documents as an archive of HTML files
and images. To export your files, restrict the Docs list to documents, select all the files and choose "Save as HTML (zipped)" from "More actions". Zoho can already import your documents and there's a Greasemonkey script that helps you download all the files from Google Docs, not just the documents.

* Blogger added in the experimental version available at an option to export the posts and comments
from your blogs as an Atom feed. Hopefully, developers will write
scripts that convert Blogger's feeds to the formats accepted by other
blogging services.

* Google Bookmarks can be exported as a HTML file,
but for some reason browsers can no longer import the bookmarks. The
web history or search history can be exported as a RSS feed: (replace 1000 with the number of items you want to export).
BTW: Firefox 3 imports Google Bookmarks just fine. It just uses folders instead of tags.

* Gmail lets you export your contacts as CSV or vCard, but Google automatically adds all the people you send a reply in the list of contacts.

*Gmail : To download your GMAIL, set up POP or IMAP (recommended) access in your
GMail account(s). Then use an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or
Mozilla Thunderbird (recommended) to download all your mail. Mac users
can use Apple's Mail which is built in. After downloading all your
mail, you can use your chosen client to export it to whatever format
you wish.

would be nice to export all your data from a single page, so you can
delete a Google account or switch to a competing service without losing
your data.
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