Sunday, September 14, 2008

Delhi Blasts!! Do we really care?

I cannot express how disturbing are the Delhi blats yesterday for me! I put a small blog note on Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Jaipur Blasts... what i am worried is not the deaths and the threats, but the political apathy to take any action...

Interestingly I am in US right now for a short business visit and experienced the social and political will-power on the 9/11 blasts.. It’s already been 9 years and US has managed to virtually destroy 2 countries relating them to the blast... while the moral right about that still remains as a question, it at least gives some comfort to the citizens. And more importantly, there have been not a single terror-attack on US since then....

Now let's look at India... Mumbai Blasts about 15 years back, then the parliament, then Delhi, again Mumbai, then Hyderabad, then Bangalore, then Ahmadabad, then Jaipur, then again Delhi… I am sure I am missing out on few other names… easily 500+ lives lost and innumerable injured and will suffer for their whole life… but doe we care? What has “India” done apart from a common message from each party and each government that “Terrorism will not be tolerated”. So, does this statement alone drive away the terrorists? They are striking at will at any place of their choice… the feeling is so disturbing.

I still remember seeing the board conveying Mumbai blast on a main road in Pune 15 years back. My father used to go daily to Mumbai and we were just crossing our fingers till late night to get a message from him. I do not want to go through that hell and don’t want any Indian (or anyone in the world for that matter)… but who cares… I don’t even remember how many bomb blasts happened in India in last one year…how can I keep track of it when all the newspapers and news channels want me to divert my attention to “entertainment” which has gained more importance over the “national and individual security”… but again… as long as your relative is lost… who cares, and if you loose your relative, who cares to listen to you?

Is there any Indian Politician who is ready to take national security seriously instead of caring about increasing his/her personal wealth?? Sphere: Related Content

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