Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Google in 2001

Google has brought back the index from January 2001
to show how many things have changed in almost 8 years. At that time,
Google's index included 1,326,920,000 web pages and it was the most
comprehensive index of a search engine.

Google explains that the
index from January 2001 is the earliest available. "Well, for various
technical reasons that are too boring to go into, earlier versions of
our index aren't readily accessible. But we did still want to offer
users a chance to search an older index as a way of looking back at web
history, and the January 2001 index is the best we can do."

It is extremely interesting exercise... do click on the "View old version in the internet Archive' link for a few results to see the web pages as of 2001 itself.

You will not believe how much world has changed in last 8 years.

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