Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cuil... wiered search results

Got to know about the new "Cuil" search engine recently... it rated as having 12bn pages indexed (121,617,892,992 web pages when i saw last on 29th July)... but believe me, its a sheer waste!!
Not completely... got good results for searches like "Loyalty", "Oracle", "Google".
I also liked the concept of having "download here" links for some softwares from Google. Also getting logos of companies displayed on results for "Loyalty" was a cool idea, so was the tabbed results for "Customer Loyalty", "Loyalty Management" etc that came up.

But the shocker came when I started to do some ego-searching, as suggested by Veronica in another article.
I got all kinds of irrelevant resutls... i have my photo posted on my blog, few forums, websites, linked-in etc... none of which came up. I gave it a "benefit of doubt" as there are other people with the name "Yogendra Joshi" and are doing great in their respective areas.

But one thing i know for sure is that, i am the only one who has properly maintained linked-in account along with my name in the URL. So I searched for Yogendra Joshi Linkedin... and what i got was a shocker... see it for yourselves!!
As you see, it shows some horrible photo and a profile of some "deepak gopinath" that too going into wiered.ru site... will you not hate a site that pulls such horrible picture for your name search and ignores a great other resource everywhere on the web?

What us of those 12bn sites indexed if you cannot even pull a simple search out of it..??

BTW, full credit to the experiment... i like the UI, 2/3 column search (which i anyway do with google thanks to a greasemonkey script in firefox called GoogleMonkeyR [Install this script]).

I would love someone challenge Google on their search. That would
  • make Google better,
  • keep Google from being the "monopoly-search-engine"
Lastly, the pages says 33 results found... so where are the other 32?

EDIT: There is another good article that has come up on Google Operating System blog which discusses about the creators of Cuil. Sphere: Related Content

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