Thursday, July 24, 2008

Invisible Waterproof Coating for Electronic Devices : Golden Shellback

Something great to look forward to... apart from its obvious advantages, i am more intrigued by the whole idea and its execution.. Scientists decide the fate of almost everything in our life :)

Golden Shellback | Splash Proof Coatings

Golden Shellback coating is a unique coating that protects critical operational equipment against damage and loss of function caused by exposure to weather and moisture. It is ideal for application in the electronics industry.

Golden Shellback coating produces a vacuum deposited film that is nonflammable, has low toxicity and has the ability to weatherproof electronic devices and other surfaces. It contains no volatile organic combustibles (VOCs). The clear, nearly non-detectable, uniform film is insoluble in solvents. When applied to clean, moisture free surfaces, such as plastic, copper, aluminum, metal, ceramic, steel, tin or glass, the coating is transparent with excellent weather proofing and anti-corrosion properties.

VIDProduct Demonstration
DocProduct Description-2008-07-14
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