Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dapper... interesting mashup service

don't remember how i landed here, but looks interesting...
watched a video on how it works and believe me its interesting!!

Hoping to experiment with it!! will come back soon with my experiments.

Edit: I was finally able to do some work with dapper.. created a widget from DPChallenge Favorite existing dapper itself..dpchallenge Version 2

I also managed to create a igoogle widget and even post it to google directory..Add to Google

Interesting things.

complaint: The Dapp Factory is taking AGES to analyze the pages i give
myself so could not create "my own" ones from scratch yet... hope to be

There was a problem with my settings.. for the
Dapper to create a Dapp, you need to turn off the Add Block
extensions!! I did that (thanks to help from Ilan from Dapper) and
created some of my own Dapps, gadgets, RSS feeds and Image Loops...
very exciting. Here are some of my experiments on Dapper.

BTW, i cannot stop from comparing this with Yahoo Pipes... similar in many ways and different in many!!
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