Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Indian Politics: bringing our heads down in shame

Yes... I am not the one who writes my own thoughts on the blog... but whatever i saw/heard in last two days in Indian politics, certainly brings my head down is sheer shame on the international scale.

First the nuclear deal, then left withdrawing support suddenly, baseless Mayawati claiming for "the first dalit lady PM" post, the trust motion and the topping was the money brought into the parliament!!

On one hand we boast of being the "biggest democracy" in the world and at the same time display the ugly face of democracy.. after looking at this, who would want democracy?

But as they say, "people get the king they deserve" this time the ever-visible corruption at grass root level makes it inevitable that it is reflected at the highest level... we cannot avoid it unless we start doing something!!

Shame ... Shame .. Shame...

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